Talking about suicide saves lives

STAY ALIVE APP QR CODEThere's no easy way to ask, "are you thinking about suicide?"
But it's one of the most important questions you can ask someone who is feeling suicidal. 
Here you can learn about the warnings signs, how to ask the question and where to go for help. 

>>Help for suicidal thoughts<<

Suicide prevention & looking out for mental wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

For 24hr mental health crisis support in St Helens, Knowsley, Warrington and Halton, call the crisis line: FREEPHONE: 0800 051 1508

It's hard to tell how someone is feeling behind their mask, so just ask. Ask the question and ask it again. Talking about suicide won't put the idea in someone's head. Start a life-saving conversation today.


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Public Awareness Training and consulting Support after a Suicide attempt

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