A safety plan can be very helpful for when you are going through a tough time. 👌

A safety plan is for people to use when they are feeling unsafe or suicidal – a plan to remind themselves of reasons to live, family and friends they can talk to and things that can make them feel strong.

Everyone's plan is personal and different, but it can help in the same way.

You can create your safety plan using the Stay Alive app available on Google Play and Apple app store.

It's full of useful resources, support and you can create customisable reasons for living, and a LifeBox where you can store photos and memories that are important to you.

Remember, the Stay Alive app is designed to be used as part of an overall mental wellbeing and safety strategy. It is not intended to be the only form of support.

Please contact a health professional to create your plan.

Delay any decisions to end your life. Give yourself time to get the support you need.