Stay Alive App

The StayAlive app is an essential tool for suicide prevention. 

It's available on all app stores to download and keep as a lifeline to have at hand at all times.

It was developed by Grassroots and it features:

• information on how to access local and national crisis services;
• a ‘life box’ which allows a user to upload photos from their phone to remind them of reasons to stay alive;
• a safety plan which can be filled out in advance and used when a person needs to keep safe;
• fact-based reasons for staying alive;
• suicide facts and myth-busting; and
• bereavement resources

The app is designed to help those who are experiencing  suicidal thoughts and for individuals who are concerned about someone who might be suicidal.

The campaign forms part of Champs’ ‘No More Suicide’ strategy which aims to eliminate suicides across Cheshire and Merseyside by ensuring there is access to adequate suicide prevention support for those at risk.

Scan the QR code below or click here to download the app.