Signs of Suicide Online

With people self isolating, it can be more difficult to spot signs of suicide. Here are some phrases to look out for on social media updates, text messages, in online messages or on the phone:

  • I want to give up
  • No-one would notice if I wasn’t here
  • I hate myself

Not everyone who is struggling to cope will use these phrases, in fact some people might not be posting or messaging at all. Always trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right and ask the question. It won’t put the idea into their head – most people feel relieved that they have been asked.

What should I do if someone posts something about suicide or self injury on social media?

If someone you know is in danger, please call 999 for immediately for help.

After you've called, connect with your friend or call someone who can. Showing that you care matters. Make sure they know that you're there for them and that they aren't alone.

If the threat of physical danger isn't immediate, use the resources below.

Resources you can use to help someone

  • Provide support to this person or contact a family member, friend, counselor or teacher who may be able to provide support.
  • Find local support and share resources and contact information that this person may find helpful.
  • Report the content to the relevant social media site (details for facebook are below) so they can reach out to this person with information that may be helpful to them.

Facebook - Suicidal Content

If you spot any Suicidal Content on Facebook - any updates, imagery, posts or pages which encourage acts of self-injury or suicide, or highlight that someone is having suicidal thoughts, after contacting the person to make sure they are safe, you can also flag your concern using a form in Facebook's Help Centre here and Facebook will take steps to reach out to the person, or remove the content >

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